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Ransomware Training Here

Ransomware is the key focus in our all-new NanoLearning Information Security 2017 awareness program. 9 of 10 NanoLearning users will confirm they think more about information security in their everyday work in post-program evaluations. 

Gartner placed Junglemap as a niche leader in Information Security Awareness Computer Based Training Magic Quadrant for the 3. year running. 

Picture the following scenario: Tomorrow, a new malware is about to hit Roy’s and Janice’s e-mail at their respective employers.

Roy did his annual information security training 6 months ago. Janice gets a NanoLearning lesson every 2-3 weeks. 

All else equal, who is more alert? 


Annual-only Training Often Causes Information Overload

Before long, we forget and become less alert due to the forgetting curve (Ebbinghaus et al). 

Additionally, risks change all the time, making the annual event training model even more…risky. 

Our information security programs:

  • Information security for all employees
  • Information security for managers
  • EU personal data regulation (GDPR) 


Learning as a Process

All programs feature 2-5-minute content modules that can be customized to your needs in an hour or two. Surveys and knowledge tests are included to measure program effect. 

With the typical program execution, participants receive one lesson every 2-3 weeks. This approach, learning as a process, maximizes knowledge retention and awareness over time.

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